Desperation Blvd.


My ultra-rare, out-of-print first movie DESPERATION BOULEVARD is getting a special 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray release and I wanted YOU ALL to be the first to know!  

Desperation Blvd (Executive Produced by and starring Yours Truly) is a terrific comedy-drama indie film written and directed by Greg Glienna (creator of the original Meet the Parents).  In addition to The Goddess the great cast also includes such wonderful humans as “Weird Al” Yankovic, Emo Phillips, “Downtown” Julie Brown, Michael Lerner, Dana Plato, Burt Ward, Erin Moran and many others!

Only 1,000 copies are available worldwide and each one includes an exclusive postcard personally SIGNED and KISSED in my favorite red lipstick by me!  

This special limited edition Blu-ray will be shipping on February 14.  What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than spending it with The Love Goddess?

In addition to the exclusive autographed card we have loaded the disc up with special features including:

• Exclusive Commentary Track – Brand new, feature length commentary with writer/director Greg Glienna and ME, executive producer/star Judy Tenuta.

• Judy’s Introduction – a video interview discussing the film plus a song for my fans!

• Director’s Music Video – a recording of Greg performing (for the first time anywhere!) his unreleased opening theme song for Desperation Blvd.

• A Day in the Life of Judy Tenuta – ride along with Judy as she heads to a radio interview and then join Judy back at home as she previews her upcoming special The Official Judy Tenuta Bootleg Special!